September 26, 2007

Acadia - West Coast Paddle

We couldn't wait to hit the beautiful waters and bays of Acadia. The Western side of the Island ( known as the quiet side) was chosen for it's scenic beauty, and reduced boat traffic. We had received a tip that seals had been seen in the Seal Cove and Pretty Marsh areas, so off we headed.

The forcast for winds had been moderate, so we decided to launch at Pretty Marsh Harbor. However once in the open waters of the Great Cove between Acadia and Bartlett Island the wind & waves picked up. Bob & Joy seemed quite comfortable in their new Necky Manitou 13's.

We headed North going with the flow, and decided not to circum-paddle Bartlett. We explored Mill Cove and Goose marsh, and found only commorants within.

As we headed further North, hugging the main shore, we opted for lunch at Green Island, only to find posted signs when arriving. But just to the South side of Green was a small rock island that looked ideal for a rest and quick snack. I pulled into the main bunch of rocks, while Kim, Joy & Bob opted for a smaller outcropping next door.

The structure was loaded with signs of seals feeding, littered with broken shells, and dry urchins. We did spot a lone seal for a few seconds, just long enough for it to stick it's nose up in curiosity, and quickly move on northward, no pose for the camera though!

Looking across the brilliant blue bay, we notice a distant group of kayakers, which was the signal for Kim & Joy to be first back into the water.

I watched patiently for the seal to reappear, then explored my side of the Island, discovering a small rock "fort" at it's highest point along with more evidence of feeding on the opposite side.

Even with the help of a falling tide, the padde back against a 15 knot wind and choppy waters was a long one. As I stopped to wait for the group, I snapped this underwater shot of some of the aquatic creatures just below the surface.

All in all, it was a great day on the water, a little disappointing on the single seal sighting, but a nice lunch on on the rocks to make up for it.