May 8, 2014


Decided to jump over to Hwy 395 which parallels the east side of the Sierras, great choice, probably one of the most scenic highways in the west.

Yosemite is just over the mountains!

Along the Road - Up Hwy 95 from Vegas

Just a few interesting sights:

An artist decided the outdoors must be graced with a nice place to sit, so this beautiful mosaic was the result!


Rhyolite Ghost Town

Very interesting stop along the way, just east of Death Valley NP about 30 miles is this old ghost town that flourished between 1904 & 1908 then was abandoned after the short-lived gold was gone.

As one first enters town, you can't help but notice an interesting, more modern structure off to the right.  Since Kim & I had done some bottle wall construction both at Mike Reynold's Earthship community, and on the Mermaid Cottage we worked on in Del Norte, CO, I had to take a closer look!

Walking up towards what appeared to be the main part of town the place was absolutely deserted!

It felt strange walking up what apparently was "Main St." with so little left now compared to the town at it's peak!