June 17, 2008

We Reach the End of the Alaska Highway!

A few miles further on the Taylor Highway and we were back on the famous Alaska Highway. Delta Jucntion (Highway 2) marks the end of the long drive up to Alaska. To sum it up, the road was much better than expected, great scenery and had a good bit of wildlife & birds along the way. Although long, there are things to do along the way and many interesting places to see and a few things to laugh at! Here was one of my personal favorites... can you see why?

Not too far down Highway 2, now headed for Fairbanks, we stop at the Rica's Roadhouse. Run by a single woman for almost 60 years, this landmark stands as a tribute to those days of harsh travel on trail & riverboat (the house is on the bakns of the Tanana). The house is in remarkable shape, and provides a convenient rest stop for many travelers still today.

Shortly after reentering the Highway, we cross the Tanana, and get our first glimpse of the Alaska Pipeline. The pipeline today is surrounded by high fences and electronic surveillance, quite a change from my visit in 2000, I guess as a direct result of 911.

As the Tanana flows northward, it becomes a sprawling delta, quite a spectacular sight!

Our final stop along the way was at "The Knotty Shop" were we received a free ice cream and enjoyed the interesting art produced from the Black Spruce...