May 30, 2009


Since the Ball Hollow Earthship led us to an area just south of Nashville, and we had to head north, maybe all this was meant to be. A quick check on the internet confirmed that this Saturday's Grand Ole Opry had some great artist, and in spite of a sellout, we were able to get a couple of last minute tickets.

The morning started out with visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame, and I must say that even if you don't care for country music, this is a great historical presentation of the music business back to the earliest days of Americana. Covering the early history of music of the cottonfields, the Texas swing days, development of modern country and rock through the 50's and 60's along with accurate examples of recording studios and equipment this is a must if you're in the area.

In addition to the historical exhibits is a small live theater on the second floor that's devoted to performances by current singer/songwriters. We walked in just as Kim McLean was starting her thirty minute show, boy what a treat. Although active for many years as a writer, she is just now being recognized for her singing talent. If you haven't heard any of her songs check it out at

Most of the exhibits on individual artists were interactive or screen presentations, which don't lend themselves to photography, but there were numerous examples of early instruments, and guitars of those famous artists.

And the major purpose of the museum is to house the "Hall of Fame".

Kim particularly enjoyed the fancy all leather interior of some of the artist Cadillacs. While I got a kick out of seeing Porter Wagoner's highly decorated suits!

Most of the day was spent on Music Row with too many sights and sounds to describe, so I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

That left us just enough time to have an early dinner at the fabulous Opryland Hotel. I could show tons of pictures, but this place really needs your personal scrutiny! From it's high "greenhouse" ceilings to it's exotic plants and indoor waterfalls, it's a real treat to the human eye.

And, no trip to Nashville would be complete without a night at the..... And what a night it was, Lousisana's own Jimmie C. Newman was there along with the "Riders in the Sky", but the highlights didn't start until the last hour when Vince Gill came on stage. That high tenor was in fine working order tonight as he delighted us all with a couple of numbers.

Then the star of the evening, Steve Martin joined Vince on stage. Yes, the comedian Martin is quite a banjo picker and has written many tunes as well! His intro number was a rousing rendition of a tune he'd composed that was similar to "Dueling Banjos". He was joined on this number by Randy Scruggs, Earls' banjo swingin' son....what a great duo!

Next Vince and Amy Grant took the center spotlight singing a duet composed by noneother than Martin, a nice treat. Martin even got into the singing action with a comical number relating back to his childhood.

All in all, a great evening topping of an interesting day in Music City!

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