June 29, 2014

Processing Fish–Continued

I still had another bag of fish to process, so I decided to devote the day to fixing the smoker problems and doing the fish.  After running to the library for an internet signal, and researching my smoker and controller, I went back to “camp” (a roadside stop on the Richardson Hwy (#4) about 4 miles south of Glennallen) to set up for the work!

After three of hours of experimenting with insulating the smoker, and tuning the PID controller, I was able to get the high temp enough to finish the smoking process.  It’s done in 3 stages, 120deg for an hour and a half, 140 for two and 1/2, and 170 for 2hrs.  A long process which put me several chapters ahead on “Black Sand and Gold” a book about the Alaska Klondike gold rush.  I’m particularly proud of my improvised insulation blanket for the smoker.  In true Alaska fashion, the cardboard came out of the dumpster at the rest stop!


It also had the effect of reducing the number of beers in the frig (funny, the smoking instructions online didn’t mention that). Oh, and yes, the fish are delicious!


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